Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday (Computer Storage Notebook)

After my desk top was hit by lighting last August & I switched my computers around, I created a notebook that holds all of my software for my computer, printer, camera, etc. I created it after I spent a good hour searching for those software disks that were needed to add to the new computer.

The notebook sets by my computer and is labeled "Computers."

I used my label maker & typed in my service tag numbers for all computer and affixed them to the inside of the notebook.

I also, labeled where each software should go, so if I take it out to install on the computer, I will remember to put it back. I also have notebook paper in the back of the notebook so when I purchase new software that has a service tag or installation code, I write it here so it's all in one place. I do this because we had a Harry Potter game that required an installation code & we misplaced the CD holder and have never been able to play the game again because the "code" is on the case!

I used the CD holders from the office store to store the software in:

This works for me....what works for you? Check out more great Works for Me ideas!


Mari said...

Very organized - and a good idea. Our computer was hit by a virus and we had a hard time finding all those software cd's. Looks like something I should do!