Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday (Freezer Chicks)

My tackle it Tuesday project is to complete my remaining 2 freezer meals for our Freezer Food exchange.

I am to make the following recipes:

1. Tuna Tortellini Gratin-a take on Tuna Noodle Casserole but made with cheese tortellini & Alfredo sauce.
2. Honey-Pecan Chicken
3. Inside-Out Bacon Cheeseburgers. I am flash-freezing them so I can place them in a ziploc bag without them sticking together.

I already prepared the Tuna Tortellini Gratin. I still need to complete the remaining 2 recipes. The chicken portion is rather easy-it's basically a dump but the honey sauce I have to prepare. The burgers will be rather easy as well! I just need to find time to get everything completed!

In addition to getting the meals completed.....I really need to defrost and reorganize my freezer. That may have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday morning.

My cousin's four daughters (ages 14, 12, 10 & 7 plus my four-ages 14, 11, 8 & 6!) are here for a visit and after I take GLH & SJH to the dentist, we are going to go to the pool before CSHs soccer games. UPDATE-We ended up going bowling. It was a lot of fun!

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Jodi said...

Good luck on your tackle. Have fun at the pool, we are heading to a Splash Pad later today.

Have a great Tuesday!

Haley said...

Your tackle makes me hungry! Good luck with it!


Anonymous said...

Oh that Honey-Pecan Chicken sounds especially yummy! Good luck!

Herring, Party of Six said...

These meals sound great! Happy tackling!

Marcia said...

Great minds think alike - I am blogging tomorrow about how I organise my freezer. Come have a look.

I love, love, LOVE your guestbook. It is soo cool.

And that cake looks delicious. How long did it take you guys to finish it? I think it looks better than Martha's :-)

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