Friday, July 20, 2007

Our 1st "Official" Garage Sale....

Okay-today is my first official garage sale in 16 years-I'm not counting the one garage sale that I had when we moved & sold mostly furniture-I don't think that counts. After a long weekend of cleaning out the garage & four days of sorting -I still have some boxes that I need to sort but I can do that tomorrow morning after we move some of the items out into the drive & I have some more floor space...

Check it out:

Everything on the four tables plus under the tables are on the sale as well. The big white thing is a sink & there is a vanity etc! Lots of stuff!

The stuff under the table is empty boxes and 2 buckets of balls-which aren't for sale!

I peeked up in the attic to see if there were things that I could easily get to & pulled down a couple of bigger items. Man, there is a gold mine up there! Can't wait to blog about what I find & show you the before & after pics.

After the sale on Saturday morning-whatever has not sold will be going to good will or to the library (donating books to them). Unless, I think it will sale on the next sale! I don't want to pack up & store anything that I have on the sale this weekend!

Wish me luck on my first sale!