Saturday, July 07, 2007

Adding to My 40-Before-40

Quick update on my 40-before-40 progress:

1. I have a pedicure scheduled.
2. Started baking out of Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook-baked a cake for my honey's birthday.
3. Started my household inventory notebook.

I am adding #37 and #38 to my list:

37. Watch "Gone with the Wind."
38. Take Tennis Lessons.


Rebecca said...

I don't know what this 40 before 40 is about, things that you've never done before or things that you just want to do but if this is your first pedicure than yay!! for you, if not it's still fun. ;) I'm glad your cake turned out well, one of Martha's sugar cookie recipes went completely wrong - three times so I don't think it was me.

mistihollrah said...

Yes-my 40 before 40 is forty things that I would like to do before I turn 40 years old, they are things that I haven't done yet in my life!