Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Bathroom Organization Post

I wanted to share my bathroom organization with you...I don't have any before pictures but let me assure you that this is a huge improvement! We have one bathroom (yes, I know it's crazy!) and we have 6 in our household. Four bedrooms and one bathroom...we are in the process of adding another bathroom downstairs! Let me take you on a tour to our bathroom and closet from top to bottom.

Here is our ONE bathroom....I have hooks on the wall for each family member to hang their towel up after showering. Each family member has their own colored towel...CSH-Green, CWH-Bright Blue, GLH-Yellow, SJH-Red, Hubbies-Taupe and mine-blue. All the colors can be found in the quilted shower curtain.

Here is the closet. I have a shoe bag hanging on the door to help maximize the space. It has lotion, razor, Q-tips, etc stored in the individual pockets.

Top of closet...top shelf has a box of curling irons, nail care, travel bags, and to the right a space for beach towels.
Next shelf tape, cotton balls, travel size items, other like items are stored together and guest towels.

The next shelf has a basket of my make-up, hand towels, washcloths and extra family towels. These are hung up on the hooks when the others are being washed.

Next shelf houses the bathroom light bulbs, 2 drawer containers-the larger has a drawer of oral care, cold medications-mostly cough drops and bandaides, the small has bobby pins and ponytail holders, BioFreeze/Alcohol/Peroxide and extra hair care items.

Below that is where the dirty clothes go. I have a basket (another one that is stored in the laundry room to care the clothes from upstairs to downstairs).

There you have it....my neat and organized bathroom. Everything is labeled. Everything has a place. No more searching for hidden items anymore!


Household Executive said...

WOW! You inspire me girl!

queenbusick said...

This so awesome! I love it and I like your color towel system.