Sunday, July 15, 2007

Garage Update plus my Hubby's New Toy!

Here are some more updates of my garage......everything is basically out, we power washed the floor & are waiting for it to dry.
Here he is on the deck..........power washing...

My hubby has enjoyed power washing. He power washed the workbench, the deck, the garage, the house, the climber, you name it, it has been power washed. He even commented on how much he liked it! We are using my Mom & Dad's power washer...I know what I'm getting him for Christmas!

We need to power wash it before we stain it. Which is another project that I would like to get down before the end of summer....repainting the house & staining the deck.

Here are some more updates of the's really exhausting work! But will be worth it in the end..


Household Executive said...

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! looks like you can pull the cars in now?!?!

mistihollrah said...

We could park our cars before in the car, it was a tight squeeze and we had to go around the maze!

We still have a lot of work. Most of it is going through the boxes outside & sorting it for a garage sale!

Sean still needs to build my shelves!