Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15 (13 Things on my Desk)

Thirteen Things That Shouldn't Be on My Desk

  1. 2 Empty Diet Dr Pepper Cans.
  2. A Christmas Coffee Mug.
  3. A Paint brush.
  4. Athletic Wrap.
  5. A necklace.
  6. An tennis ball container filled with marbles.
  7. A flower vase with no flowers-empty.
  8. A doll shoe & bottle.
  9. Fabric swatches.
  10. A container of bobby pins.
  11. A ponytail holder.
  12. A Christmas platter.
  13. A cross-stitch project.

Looks like I need to clear my desk off & place these items in their proper place!

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damozel said...

Funny you should say that. I'm drinking my tea right now out of a beautiful poinsettia-adorned mug.

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Sounds a bit like my desk - but I just moved the 2 coke cans to the kitchen trash.

mistihollrah said...

LOL-I just took my Dt Dr Pepper cans to the recyle bin.

I have been cleaning out my garage-getting ready for a garage sale & things that I'm wanting to keep (except the dr dr pepper cans) get getting placed on my desk!

Suprina said...

How funny. I looked on my desk after reading your 13. I have 4, yes 4, diet coke bottles that need to go to the bin. The rest of my desk is pretty clean except for that.

Oh my!

Great TT!

Jeremy said...

At least I can see my desk, it is the books and files piled on the floor and credenza that kills my office.

Oh, and the trash can overfloweth and I am the trash man.... drats

J. Lynne said...

But are the Christmas mug and platter clean or dirty, because that makes a difference.

Happy TT. ;)

mistihollrah said...

The christmas mug & platter are clean-they came in from the garage-we have been cleaning out the garage & getting ready for a garage sale & they are things that piled up on my desk that I'm keeping!