Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14 (Places My Van Went Today)

13 Places My Van Went Today...

1. Household Executive's house.
2. Upper Crust for Breakfast & to discuss Sister Chicks Do the Hula (Book Club)
3. Household Executive's house. Getting ready to organize her office, coat closet & area under bathroom sink. Meet to get game plan.
4. Home to pick up kids.
5. Back home to get cell phone.
6. MC Sports-shorts for ODP.
7. Target-snacks for ODP.
8. SoccerPro-socks & shorts for ODP.
9. Home to get PSP game.
10. Movies-saw Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. Wonderful!
11. Home to get swim suits.
12. Household Executive's- her daughter went swimming with us this evening.
13. Pool.
14. Dropped of Household Executive's daughter.
15. Gas station to get gas-empty after all that driving around.
16. Home

Oh, wait, that's more than 13 places!! Oh, well, busy day!

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PiesBonitos said...

Holy moly, what a day!! You were one busy chick! No wonder you needed gasoline! hehe

Thanks for stopping by my TT!