Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Boy do I have Spring Cleaning Fever! I'm marking off items on my Spring Break Cleaning list! Yeah for me!

Today, my tackle is to finish cleaning my house.

1. Make Gracie's Bed....spruce up her room.

2. Make Sydney's Bed...clean her room.

3. Wash Connor & Collin's sheet...make their beds...clean their room (with their help!)

4. Wash cushions on chairs in kitchen.

5. Wash shower curtain & liner.

6. Have boys transfer "my documents" from the computer in their room to a disk or stick so I can schedule an appointment to have the computer looked at. It was hit by lightning last August & I need to make a claim on it soon, if I want my insurance to replace the computer!

This should keep me busy all day!

I will upload pictures after I get everything accomplished!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Menu Planning Week of 3-26-2007

We are on Spring Break this week and I'm doing Spring Cleaning! Here is what I'm planning on serving for dinner this week:

Monday: Butter & Cream Chicken

Tuesday: Meatloaf

Wednesday: BLTs and Tomato Soup

Thursday: Brisket

Friday: Steaks on the Grill

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Break Catch Up!

Wow...Spring Break is here & I'm really feeling the need to get things caught up from a month & a half of doing nothing! After my wreck, I haven't felt like getting my house in order because I haven't felt good between my headaches, my shoulder & work, I have put off getting my organizational project completed!

I have already tackled a project....cleaned out & organized under my bathroom sink. I installed an organizer that pulls out to keep toilet paper and cleaning supplies in....it looks really great!

I have a lot of project & things that I want to get done this week:

  1. Clean out bathroom closet.
  2. Change sheets & wash linens on all beds. Sean & mine, Connor, Collin, Gracie & Sydney
  3. Laundry caught up & put away.
  4. Dust entire house-Family Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Boys Room, Gracie's room & Sydney's room.
  5. Mop kitchen floor.
  6. Mop bathroom floor.
  7. Run sweeper in each room....run it across the base boards. Master Bedroom
  8. Clean rug in LR.
  9. Clean out medicine cabinet.
  10. Clean off shelf in bathroom.
  11. Mom & Dad's taxes.
  12. Organize Mindi's pantry while she is at the lake.

That's a start for the week. I'm sure that I will be able to add to the list if I get everything finished.

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's Feast (3.9.07)

I am posting my feast today because it requires me to think a little and write about something other than my to-do list or shall I say my list of excuses for not getting my house clean and in order!


What is your usual bedtime? Do you like that, or would you rather is be different?

I try to get in bed between 9:00 and 9:30 each evening...I don't go to sleep at that time. I use this time to watch any of my shows that I have DVRed. I usually am asleep by 10:15-10:30 each evening. I like it because I get enough sleep to function to my full each day. I rarely say, I'm tired, unless I didn't sleep well the night before.


When it comes to advice, do you give more or receive more?

It depends on the situation...if it's something that I have had experience in....I tend to give advice.

I'm not a good receiver of advice. Unless I have asked for someones advice! I don't care for someone to just freely give me advice!

So I guess I'm more of a giver?!


Describe a memorable meal you've had.

Several years ago, I go to go with my husband to a business meeting dinner in Chicago at the restaurant True...it was quite an experience and one that I will never forgot. We had the chef's dinner, which was a 7 course meal complete with caviar, stinky cheese and interesting foods! We drank $400 bottles of wine, I believe we had 2 or 3 bottles that evening. The chef's dinner was $150 per plate. The caviar came out on a glass staircase and there were 6 different types of caviar, going from the least to the most expensive! It was "True"ly a memorable meal.

A couple months ago, the chefs challenged Bobby Flay on Iron Chef! It was really cool to get to say...I've eaten there before! Most chefs that are featured on Iron Chef, I won't have the privilege of eating at!

Main Course:
Name a work of fiction that affected the way you think about something.

A piece of fiction that affected the way I think about something??? When I read fiction, I tend to read pieces for enjoyment more not classical fiction or fiction with deep thought. More romances and mysteries are what I tend to read. However, in high school we read 1984...it was very thought provoking and something that I think about time to time.


What is your favorite type of fruit juice?

That's easy....I love tomato juice. I just did my click and pull order this morning with Sam's and I put that on my order! It's something I don't normally buy but I'm trying to add more healthy drinks and food to my diet because my triglycerides came back really, really high from my yearly check-up. I need to cut out sugars and starches from my diet and limit my intake of red meats. So I decided to get me some tomato juice and drink a couple glasses (cans) a day instead of my typical 6-pack of Diet Dr Pepper!

I also like orange and pineapple juice. I like the mixed juice of strawberry, peach and banana, too!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10 (Reasons My Laundry Isn't Done!)

13 Reasons My Laundry Isn't Done!
I actually have maybe 3 or 4 more loads to wash, the washed laundry is piled up on my love seat in front of my laundry room! The pile of laundry comes to my chin! Why is it not folded? Well, first my husband started the laundry and most of the time he pulls it out and lays in on the sofa. Second, I just really haven't felt like doing it! No, really, here is what I have been doing this week:
  1. Still working on soccer schedules...making changes due to coaching conflicts or other conflicts that have come up with teams.
  2. Referee clinic-sending out confirmation emails, inputting the registration form in the database.
  3. Sending out emails to Referee regarding re-certification in-service requirement & paperwork that needs to be mailed in.
  4. Referee Availability for the upcoming Spring season. Printing them off as the come across my email & fax machine. Checking to see if they are re-certified and placing them in my notebook.
  5. Sent out email notice about CMSL's Spring AGM-working on agenda and creditentials for votes.
  6. Discussing State Cup Eligibility with teams and MYSA Board.
  7. Recital-the Wall of Names and the Costume List/Line up.
  8. Hotels for final 2 dance competitions.
  9. Entering MYSA Membership information into e-reg, printing player cards and rosters.
  10. Reserved fields for CMSL games.
  11. Started working on Referee Schedules.
  12. Worked on a possible for schedule for the U10 Girls Rec Schedule to even out the number of 8:00 am games between games and double headers.
  13. Signing guest player forms and travel permits for teams playing in tournaments this upcoming weekend.

Whew...no wonder I haven't gotten my laundry folded...at least they are clean!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday's Feast 3.2.2007

Feast One Hundred & Thirty Three

What does the color pink make you think of?

The color pink makes me think of ballet shoes, tutus and sweet little girls! It also reminds me of my daughter Gracie because it is her signature color...with four children, each child is assigned a color and everything that I need to identify is in that color. For example, her backpack is pink, her walkman bag is pink, her GameBoy is pink, the color I write down her activities in my calendar is pink...Connor is green, Collin is blue and Sydney is green.

Name something you thought you had lost, but later found.

I really can't think of anything lately that I thought I had lost but later found. I did a couple of summers ago, when I had started cleaning out our attic found a box that had a jewelry case that had some jewelry that I thought I had lost! It was a great find!

In 3 words, describe this past week.

Sick. Soccer. Sleep.

I was sick all week, working on soccer schedules but really wanted to sleep!

Main Course:
What are you obsessed with?

With cleaning and organizing my home. The last couple of weeks I haven't been able to work on anything because of my car accidents, soccer schedules and being sick. Plus being depressed because it has been so cold around here and having snow on the ground for about 2-3 weeks put a damper on my mood to get things cleaned and organized. The snow has melted and the sun has been out which is starting to lift my spirits. I have my soccer schedules done...so look out....I'm ready to start cleaning and organizing again!

What kind of perfume or cologne do you like to wear?

My favorite cologne is Beautiful. It's what I wore when I got married. I also like Red Door....it reminds me of my honeymoon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9 (I'm Back...Things Sean Did for Me This Week!)

I'm back after two weeks of non-blogging! I'm hoping to post daily like I once was, I really enjoy blogging and posting my tackles and thoughts. A couple of weeks ago I was involved in two car accidents and I have been trying to recover from the whip lash injuries from the accident. Last Wednesday I was hit with a tremendous migraine headache that didn't let up until Saturday. On Sunday morning, I woke up with a terrible cold and flu bug. Today was the first day that I left my house since Sunday evening! I am back in the land of the living and I hope to get my house back in order and my spirits up! My hubby has been very busy picking up the slack since I have been sick so my.....
13 things that Sean Did for Me This Week....
1. Took off early the last three days to pick up the kids from school.
2. Took the girls to Dance and pick them up (M, T & W)
3. Picked up Connor from track after school (every day this week so far)
4. Took Connor to soccer practice/picked up (M & W)
5. Took Connor to get track shoes.
6. Took Collin to basketball practice/ran basketball practice.
7. Took Connor to basketball practice.
8. Went to the store & picked up medicine for me.
9. Cooked dinner on Monday and Tuesday.
10. Put dishes away.
11. Took Connor to get new soccer shoes for this weekend.
12. Helped manage the kids so I could get some rest.
13. Most important...he gave me time to get better.
Thank you, Sean! I love you.