Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday Update

Last week, I posted a picture of all of the film that I needed to process! Getting my scrapbooks caught up is on my 40 things to do before I turn 40 list. Well, I have been doing a little research about processing the Advantix Film, it's costly and discovered that Kodak Gallery, does this with film sent in:

Processing film at the Gallery:
Film users can enjoy all the benefits of digital photography - the Gallery can put your film online for just $5.99 per roll.

Here's how it works:

1. If this is your first roll, you'll need to request free film mailers. We'll send you three postage-paid mailers for your film.

2. Put up to five rolls of exposed 35mm color print film in a mailer, seal it, and drop it in the mail. We'll process your film, put your photos online at the highest possible resolution, and mail your negatives back to you at no charge.

3. When the film processing is complete, we will notify you with an email message that includes a link to your photos and the payment page.

4. Once you've paid the $5.99 processing fee, your photos will be stored in a secure online album in your account. You have 60 days after notification to pay for the processing. All major credit cards are accepted.

This looks like a great way to reduce printing photos that are blurry, have the head cut off, etc. I get the opportunity to view the pictures online & order only the ones that I want to print! What a great concept! I'm going to sent in 5 rolls of film & see what happens! Hopefully, I will discover a great way to get these rolls of film processed!


EE said...

I love Kodak Gallery...have used it for the past few years!!
I love the albums you can create using your photos. You might want to consider creating the albums instead of getting prints.