Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my wedding anniversary, I married my high school sweetheart, Sean 16 years ago-we started dating on Valentine's Day in 1986! I have been cleaning out my garage & had a garage sale today and I came across a box of letters that I had written to Sean when he was at Navy boot camp. I pulled some of them out & found some poems that Sean had written to me & thought I would share what a wonderful writer he is....

"Thinking of You"

Days have passed
And the time closes near
Until that special moment.
When you are right here.

With me at last
We'll have a ball
Getting back together
and doing it all.

Touching & embracing
A never ending bond
A Special type of love to which
I have grown so fond.

A brand new day
As bright as can be
Nothing but true love
Will we both see.

You know-It's special
When nothing stand in the way
Of two young people
With loving words to say.

The strongest link
In miles and miles of chain
Has kept us together
To meet once again.

Until that moment
When that time finally arrives
I'll be here-thinking of you
Heart beating & still alive.

The love in living is being with you.


"To Misti With Love"

Years ago I met a beautiful girl
With hair of blonde & eyes so blue.
I knew as days did pass it was certain
Our love would soon grow true.

She was uniquely special
In her own little way
Loving & caring
Kind words she did say.

In her heart and
In her soul
Nothing impure
Could ever flow.

A gift from God
Given all to me
So that each new day
I would have beauty to see.

Never again will I find another
With these qualities-Oh so fine
This is why I'm so lucky
That this girl is still all mine.

I'm the lucky one....


Household Executive said...

Oh, so sweet. You guys are so cute!

queenbusick said...

That is great you found those! Oh your kiddos are going to love finding that when they're old!!!!

Sounds like a scrapbook for sean..maybe a christmas gift?