Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tackle-it-Tuesday Updated-Complete (Cleaning/Defrosting Freezers)

My tackle for today is to empty out my freezers, defrost the deep freezer, wipe them down & re-inventory what I have in the freezer.

The Freezer Chicks, meet last Wednesday for our monthly food exchange and I know what I put in the freezer....I just don't have a good record of what's still in there!

I have posted a before and will post the after pictures after the tackle is completed! Check back later this evening for the completed tackle.

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Project is completed:

1. Emptied out the freezer into coolers.

2.Power washed all out & defrosted it.

3.Returned to the freezer and organized everything back into the freezer by categories.

4. Inventoried what I had.

5. Put inventory on a spreadsheet.

6. Placed in Meal Planning Section of Family Notebook.

Still looks like a lot of items in the freezer but it's organized into sections & I now know what is in there and can plan my meals around what is in the freezer!


photoJENic said...

I miss my upright freezer. I died earlier this year, and DH bought a chest freezer instead. It's so much harder to organize. Yuck!

Household Executive said...

oh my! that is A LOT of stuff in there!

Pieces From Me said...

What a big tackle! Good luck!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Good luck with your tackle.


jannylynn said...

I want an upright!!! Great job, Misti!!

mistihollrah said...

an upright is the only way to go! we use to have a deep freezer but nothing got eaten at the bottom because i didn't remember it was there or i couldn't see it! if you have a deep freezer, the only way remember what you have it to make an inventory sheet!