Saturday, July 07, 2007

SMART Habit Saturday

I am joining in again...I had joined in on this adventure at the first of the year. Then I didn't blog for about 2 no 4 months. Now that I'm in the blogging habit again, I decided to join in and start working on developing good habits with The Lazy Organizer. Here is the original link from the Lazy Organizer about the challenge.

I am going to start with three new habits/goals for this week:

1. Making bed each morning.

2. Cleaning toilet each morning and wiping down the bathroom vanity.

3. Working out each day.

There....that's a start!
I'm adding the following two items:
4. Quiet time each day-spend time with the Lord and in my Prayer Journal.
5. Date night or quality time each week with my honey!


mistihollrah said...

I'm adding 2 more items to my list of habits:

1. Quiet time each day.
2. Date night or special time each week with my honey!

Rebecca said...

I like your habits, I feel like the only SMARTy pants not making their bed but I'm alright with being a rebel. I like your new habits, esp making time to spend with your honey, that's a very important one!

Michelle said...

Great list of habits you're working on! I like your quiet time each day, I may have to start that one too. Good luck to you this week!

Slava Bogu said...

Lots of good habits to work on here! Good luck, and welcome back.

mistihollrah said...


Made bed, had quiet time, swished toilet/wiped down vaniety, walked 2 miles on the trail today.

So far so good!

mistihollrah said...


Made bed, swished toilet/wiped down vanity.

Had a hard time getting my quiet time in since I was up until 3:00 am with 8 kids!