Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekend Reflections

Wow! What a great weekend! It started Friday evening with my honey's birthday dinner at my mother-in-laws. She had a fish fry, in honor of Uncle Bruce, who recently passed away & had called a couple of weeks before his death wanting to get the family together for a fish fry. CSH spent the day out on the farm fishing and helping Grandma Teri mow. The girls decided to spend the night so Sean & I got to spend the evening & next morning without children....something that rarely happens!

After a busy Saturday of yard work, grocery shopping, some fast housework & soccer practice, we headed to my Grandmother's for a family reunion. We spent the evening with family & listened to cassette tapes of Christmas programs past. The 8 grandchildren use to put on Christmas recital for our Grandparents' Anniversary at Christmas time. We laughed and cried! I have the honor of taking the tapes, that my Grandma has cherished, and having them converted to CDs so every family member can have a copy of our recitals, our Grandfather playing the fiddle & Grandma singing. What great memories of our Grandpa & my cousin who have both passed away. We really miss both of them!

The kids spent the rest of the evening swimming at the hotel while my cousin, her husband & Sean & I sat and visited. It was great to hear about their activities & what they are involved in Illinois. The kids really got along great making great friendships. It's a shame that we only get to see each other one or two times a year!

Sunday was my birthday. We had a lunch of pizza, lasagna & salad with my cousin & her family again. We then went to the park and played miniature golf (I got 3rd place!) and rode go-karts! It was a great day and a great weekend!

We are hoping to get to spend a little more time with my cousin and her family before the head home on Friday. They are planning on coming up to our house on Tuesday to go swimming and watch Connor play soccer that evening!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Household Executive said...

sounds like a great weekend. it is amazing how we get caught up with the business of life that we don't stay in touch with our own kin. we all do it. it is great to have weekends like these for re-connection! how fun!