Sunday, July 01, 2007

Home Alone With So Much Too Do!

Good morning fellow bloggers! I have home today by myself, my three youngest children are in Arkansas in the Mountains with their Grandma, Great-Grandma, Aunt She-She & Uncle Chad. My Aunt & Uncle and their grandsons are there too! My husband and oldest son just pulled out of the driveway for ODP training in St Louis. I could have gone with them but I figured that I would take the opportunity to do some work!

Here is my game plan for the day.....yes I know it's Sunday & it's a day of rest but I can do that this week!...

1. Clean kitchen-mop floors and clean off cabinets.
2. Clean bathroom. I actually completed one of my June-To-Do items: Clean out Bathroom Closet-I emptied in out purchased some organizing bins & re-organized the entire closet. I have more room in the closet than I orginally had!
3. Change sheets on beds.
4. Run sweeper in LR and FR.
5. Finish laundry-I have 3 more loads before washing the sheets. I have one more load to do!
6. Take care of CMSL credits-send to my treasurer-send out an email to teams regarding Fall league registration. Actually completed on Monday morning.
7. Update my prayer journal-print out pages for my special friends-Kim & Tina. I already gave one to another special friend, Mindi one the other day.

If I get all of that completed before 6 pm, I will tackle a corner in the garage. My grandmother is having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday & I would like to take some bigger items in the garage to the sale.

I will check back with you later today & update my progress! Wish me luck in getting everything completed!