Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday #3 (My Car!)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Okay, I'm rather embarrassed to post what I'm tackling today...it's really bad....it has never looked this bad...I really can't show these pictures....oh well...here is the embarrassing picture of...my car looks like a bomb has gone off in it and this is what I'm tackling today...it is also on my January To-Do List so I get to remove an item after I get it completed! Yeah for me!...yes this is the car from the "Works for Me" Blogger that has the glove compartment organizer....

There's dance bags, shoes, markers and kleenexes that need to be picked up....

Backpacks that need to go into the house...newspapers that need to be recyled...

Pretty bad huh?

Tackling Steps:

  1. Remove trash-take trash bag to car.

  2. Remove all clothes & shoes, take to laundry or to owners room. (major improvement by just doing steps 1 & 2!)

  3. Vacuum with shop vac...floors and seats.

  4. Wipe down dashboard and seats with Armour All wipes for vinyl & leather.

  5. Take to get washed!

Here is the final project all completed:

Now doesn't that look much better! It's feels much better! I just love Tackle it Tuesdays!

Organizing Tips for Car:

In addition to cleaning out the car, I reorganized/cleaned out the baskets in my car. I have 3 baskets-1. Has CDs, DVDs, extra deoderant, sunscreen, hand lotion, my husband's "do you have it"kit (which has chapstick, advil, rolaids, fingernail clippers), scizzors, etc., little trash bags and snacks like cereal bars 2. Has cordless headphones for the entertainment system for the car & remote control and 3. has video games that don't require an electrical outlet for the DVD system (they run on batteries and just hook into the DVD source in the back). I also have a rubbermaid box in the back of my car that houses paper plates, a roll of paper towels, first aid kit, car emergency kit, & plastic forks/spoons/knives. I have all of these things stored in my car because as a traveling soccer/dance/baton family we will stop at the grocery store instead of going to a fast food restaurant and get items for sandwiches and it saves me from having to buy these items everytime. It has come in handy many, many times. During the winter month I have an extra box with blankets in it for soccer games as well as our portable chairs.

Here is basket #1:


Gattina said...

Wonderful ! a real still life to paint (a modern one) but don't bother my car inside also needs a strong cleaning up it's so dusty that you can write "shi.." in it and also full of white hairs of cat Arthur who likes to sleep in there !

Noillirac said...

I think we all have cars that look like that; at least sometimes. Mine does most of the time, honestly.

Barbara H. said...

Cars easily get like that after road trips -- even after everyday life. I try to train mine to take out whatever they brought in, but they don't have that down pat yet. :) Great tackle -- looks good.

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

WOW - it looks like a different car! That's a great job - we did that over the weekend, cleaned it out, and all that - oh it feels good to drive now!

Crystal ~ Chrys Cross Bridal said...

Don't feel to bad - I have two cars that both look about like that! Great job on this weeks tackle!!!

Heather said...

My van looks like your before pictures, I never thought about tackling my van (this is only my 2nd week) but I should! Great job!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Oh that looks great! i have tackled my van before, but it needs another tackle again! Great Work!

Thanks for tackling with us!

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