Monday, January 15, 2007

For Better Or For Worse (Dedication to Household Executive)

My friend, Mindi, posted (posted on Dec 16-can't get the link to work) a story on her blog about her boots...These's Boots Aren't Made For Walking...when I read this today in the comic section of the newspaper, I immediately thought of her. If you can't tell what's happening in the comic strip, she get's dressed for dinner in her stylish, very, high-heeled boots, you see her slippy all over the sidewalk and being helped into the restaurant, they eat dinner and her husband (or boyfriend) stops and drops them into a goodwill box. Here is website for the full soap opera For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston It's quite an interesting story Friday or Saturday's clip a girlfriend confronted her boyfriend at another woman's home!


Sheelagh said...

I adore FBFW and nearly died laughing when I saw this strip over the weekend. The hubby is always on my case to get nicer boots (I have big mukluks) and knowing my luck I'd be flying all over the place if I got winter boots like this!