Monday, January 08, 2007

Psalms Sunday #1 (Psalms 1)

Each Sunday, I will be joining Butterfly Kisses as we read and explore the book of Psalms for Psalms Sunday. Here are the details from Butterfly Kisses post regarding Psalms Sunday:

"Each Sunday I will pick one or two Psalms (depending on length). If you would like to take part, after reading the Psalms, share in a post whatever you would like in regards to what you read. For example, what did you think of it? What does it mean to you? Do you have a story behind it? Can you teach us something about it? Do you relate to a portion of it? What verse from it spoke to you the most?"

My mediation for this week is short (I just discovered Psalms Sunday this morning!)

For January 7, we were to read and mediated on Psalms 1. The verse that really stuck with me was Psalms 1:3:

"He shall be like a tree

Planted by the rivers of water,

That brings forth its fruit in its season,

Whose leaf also shall not wither;

And whatever he does shall prosper."

The year 2007 is a year one of my main goals is to be planted firmly in God's words so that my relationships, my home, and my work will bring forth fruit and prosper. As I start this next week, this will be the verse that I mediate on each day to encourage me and motivate me.

"Lord, please help me to be firmly planted in your word each day so that my relationships, my household and my job will prosper and not wither. Amen."


Butterfly Kisses said...

Thank you for joining us! I sure have loved reading everyone's posts. I have the same goal as you this year. I want to be fully immersed in and focused on the Word this year.