Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 Daily Routines & Schedule for Misti

Last week was not a good week for the start of a new year. I usually get really motived and excited to start a new year and a new me but last week, I was really busy working (League Commissioner for CMSL) that I didn't have time to start my new routine and schedule for the new year...or at least what I would like my day to look like. Below is what I would like my day to look like:

6:00 AM Wake-Shower & Dress
6:30 AM Breakfast with CSH (he catches the bus at 6:50AM)
6:50 AM Daily Devotion & Prayer (not an intense Bible Study or Quiet Time-just a little pick me up devotion & prayer to start my day!)
7:00 AM Wake up CWH, GLH and SJH-help get them ready for school, their bus arrives around 7:45AM.
8:00 AM Workout...leave for the gym after the bus picks up the kiddos. Except on Thursdays b/c of Bible Study.
9:30 AM Morning chores and activities. On Wednesday-Weight Watchers meeting.
11:30 AM Eat Lunch while reading emails.
12:00 PM Bible Study
1:00 PM Afternoon chores and activities
3:00 PM Pack for dance, soccer, etc.
3:30 PM Leave to pick up kids from school for evening activities.

I think if I could stick to this daily routine, I will get my goals for 2007 accomplished!