Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Saturday

Greetings...I started this post and it has been sitting in my blogger as a draft because I needed to upload pictures...but didn't get them uploaded because of a VERY busy weekend!

Today is our Showcase for Competition Dance, it's a chance for all of the girls to run through their dance numbers in costume, for the teachers to see if there are any changes to be made, to test props, etc. Here is some pictures that I took this morning...Enjoy...

In addition to the showcase, the boys had basketball that morning as well as a birthday sleepover that evening for CSH's pictures of his birthday cake....very cool, huh?

The cake was devoured by 8 teenager boys that evening & early morning. They stayed up to 4:30 in the morning playing XBox 360 and eating! The ball in the middle is 3D...the lady who makes our cakes put another cake shaped like 1/2 of a ball in the center...she does a great job! Plus they taste like heaven!


Mindi said...

Great cake! I need the name and number of the lady who makes your cakes! I would love to use her!