Sunday, December 31, 2006

CSH: A Turning Point??

Yesterday, we had Christmas with my husband's family. We started the day by going to New Franklin (hometown of Sara Evan's) to my nephew's basketball game. After the game, we went to my in-laws for lunch and to open gifts. Lunch was good. The kids played a game of poker. My FIL is a big poker fan as well as my oldest son-CSH. After playing poker, we exchanged gifts.

First let me give you some details about how my son dresses-jeans -Arizona jeans to be exact, t-shirt -t-shirts that I buy at soccer tournaments, that he receives from Show-Me State Games, that he receives from soccer camps- & sweatshirt hoodie or Adidas jacket-not the jackets with a full zipper in the middle, just a zipper that zips to the middle of the chest. And let me repeat-it's a jacket or a sweatshirt hoodie-this child never wears a coat in the middle of the winter. Oh-and tennis shoes. We do not buy clothes for my son unless he is with us OR something similar to what he already wears. When we were in Omaha for a soccer tournament, SDH and I picked up a royal blue Adidas jacket that was like his black one that he loves-so we knew we were safe with that purchase!

Okay, back to the gift exchange. Gifts were handed out and presents were being opened. All of the grandson's had received a gift that was in the same type of box, and one by one they were opened. Each receiving a Hollister long sleeve polo shirt. ZT and ST (my nephews) loved them! CWH thought his was cool! CSH pulled his out and examined it a little. I chimed in and asked him if he would wear it? Probably not! Grandma says, that brand is the hottest brand! Aunt R says, that's all ZT will wear and that's all the HS kids are talking about!

Rewind back to a conversation that hubby & I had about CSH and the way he dresses. S wishes that he would dress a little more stylish, wear different shoes than tennis shoes-like some boots. (which by the way S received a pair of boots from his Mom-CSH & S wear the same size and he has tried to get him to wear them-he won't!) and wear something besides t-shirts. I had said that right now we are lucky-it doesn't cost of much to dress him, he is the oldest and he is not persuaded by fashion and his friends dress very similar to him-just wait until he gets to HS (he will be a freshman next year) and how he dresses will change! So let's just let him be for now!

Well-CSH tried on his tan Hollister polo, it looked really good on him! He kept it on for a while and told us that he liked his shirt and that he would wear it when he dressed up. Christmas Day, his idea of dressing up for church was his Missouri OPD shirt and a hoodie. I was informed last night that he was wearing his Hollister shirt to church today!

Is this a turning point? Will my son start to have some fashion sense? Let's see if we can get some boots on him today! I doubt it but you never know!