Saturday, December 16, 2006

Points! Points!

I joined Weight Watchers the day before Thanksgiving...yeah, what was I thinking?!

For those of you who don't know what WW is all about, let me tell you. You choose the Core or the Flex Program. I am doing the Flex, which requires you to track points each day. Sounds fun! Some days I do real well at tracking my points and some days I do really bad, no happy medium for me! I can eat 26 points a day and I'm allowed 35 points extra for the week that can be used anytime I wish to use them. Let me give you an idea, Dt Dr Pepper has 0 points! A Sweet Onion Teriyaki Subway Sandwich has 7 points! A salad can have up to 6 points (with the salad dressing) and so on!

Today, CWH and I were driving home from the Elks Free Throw Shoot-Out to meet my Mom and my sister at my house and as we were driving by Sonic, he asked if we could stop so he could get a M&M Sonic Blast. Sure. We stopped. We were going to go eat with my Mom and sister and I thought about getting a little snack and an ice cream cone sounded really yummy at that time. I had already eaten 6 points that morning for breakfast and didn't want to ruin my day! I got out my Dining Out Companion Guide from WW and looked up Sonic. A soft serve cone is 6 points. Did I want to use 6 points? I decided not to. However, CWH asked me lots of questions about what I was doing:

How many points each day can I have?
How do I know how many points a food item is?
How many points a day could he have? (told him that he didn't need to be on a diet and to enjoy his Sonic Blast!)
How many points had he eaten today so far?

Well, he had 2 Breakfast Burritos for breakfast, a chocolate milk and a hashbrown...17 points not counting the chocolate milk! And....

a Sonic M&M Blast is 20 points!!!

Yikes! I also discovered that a Large Cherry Limeade is 7 points a Starbucks Grande Nonfat Carmel Macchiato is 5 points.

What am I eating each day to stay within my points and lose some weight? Well, I eat 2 eggs and a piece of toast in the morning...5 points, a salad for lunch with dressing....6 points and a healthy dinner. I am working out at the ARC at least every other day on the treadmill and lifting weights which allows me 6 more points a day.

Is is working? Well, my first week, I had lost 3 pounds, even with Thanksgiving that week. I lost 1.8 pounds the second week and .2 pounds last week. So far this week I have lost 3 pounds...hopefully I can keep up and lose another 2 pounds before I weigh in on Wednesday!


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