Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday #1 (Report Cards)

I have four children and have boxes, files and stacks of all of their school papers, report cards, awards, etc that they bring home from school each week. What's a mom to do with all of these papers? We don't want to throw them away!

Each of my children are color's their signature color! CSH is green, CWH is blue, GLH is pink and SJH is purple. I had an this idea to put each of their important school papers like testing scores, report cards, etc into a binder with tabs for the school years. I was at Wal-mart and found binders in each of their colors! Yeah!

So a couple of Saturday's ago when I was organizing I hole punched all of their papers and put them in the binders. I'm missing a couple of years here and there, they were put in a different box-I will find them when I continue on my mission of organizing!

My kids and hubby really were impressed and enjoyed looking through the binders. Now, when a special paper comes across my desk, I hole punch it and place it immediately in the binder. If they need to see how they did in school, they know where to look. This works for me to help keep the school paper clutter under control! Hope it might work for you!

Leave me a comment and your link...if you have some other great organizing tips!