Monday, December 18, 2006

Ashes for Beauty

Discussion:Where is Christ leading you? Have you traded your ashes in for beauty? Have you replaced your mourning with JOY? Do you wear forgiveness like a crown? He wants you to lay every burden down- He died so that you would have a place to lay it- at the foot of the cross…..

MAH: Wow! I have not traded my ashes in for beauty. I seem to be a very bitter person at times and have a really hard time letting go of things in the past. I expect forgiveness but I don't easily forgive. I hold grudges. Boy, am I glad God doesn't hold grudges! Do I wear forgiveness like a crown? Have a replaced my mourning with JOY? No, I haven't. As a child of God, we are to trade our ashes in for beauty and lay every burden at his feet. I just listened to a song called "Ashes for Beauty", it really touched a nerve. Before I can completely heal myself from my sins, I need to forgive those who have hurt me so I can wear my forgiveness that God has given my like a crown. My crown tells a story, one that I'm not very proud of but it defines who I am and God gave me that pain, he doesn't give me anything that he doesn't think I can handle. He gives me scars so I can remember that pain. So I'm going to forgive those who have hurt me in the past and replace my mourning with JOY and wear my crown proudly. I am forgiven. I am a child of God's. My scars are reminders! I am joyful! I have traded in my ashes for true beauty! Thank you Lord!

"If we will allow God to place on us a load of JOY and praise, we will begin to sing again; and others, who are also carrying burdens, will listen to our song!" (Quote is from "Devotions for Women")

Listen to Tammy Trents "At the Foot of the Cross": (you will need to stop the Grey's Anatomy Video by pausing it below)


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

WOW - thank you for your honest, challenging post. good for you for being so honest with yourself! I am so glad that that post was a catalyst for you.

God Bless You!!!!

staceyhoff said...

great post ~ so glad I came across your site! I was looking for another one , but God has His plans:) I LOVE her version of ashes in for beauty! As you can see by my blogs name, I have a special devotion to this song.
I will be putting your blog in my favorites, though! God bless!