Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Grandma, can we open ONE present?"

My kids were so excited to get to Grandmas to open presents. They talked about opening ONE present when we got to Grandma and Poppy's in the car to Sedalia. The moment we walked into their house they asked Grandma if they could open one present. We put them off until we got back home from the Candle Light Cermemony at Church. My mom knew they would ask (like they do every year!) and she sat aside a gift for them to open. They all sat on the sofa waiting for their present. I said that their gift is the new tradition that we are starting. My husband says, it's ornaments. I had already given them their ornaments so they knew that they were NOT ornaments.

They opened their presents to find new pj's! Connor liked them, Collin thought they were okay, the girls were hoping for something to play with! But they immediately changed into their pjs to enjoy the rest of Christmas Eve!