Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas with the Bounds Family

We started our busy Christmas weekend with my husband's side of the family. We stayed with his Mom and Step-Dad Friday evening, while we were eating dinner, my husband was telling his Mom about my blog. We checked it out after dinner. She really liked it and thought it was a wonderful way to keep in touch with family.

The next morning, we were talking and I created a blog for their
cattle company, with hopes of them not having to keep up with a business website. My father-in-law really liked the blog and the slide show of the cattle that they will be selling at their next roundup.

Well, I also started The
Bounds Family blog as well. Right now it's just a skeleton template with no post, pictures etc. Just the name-I think the idea of this blog is for our family members to post whenever they have news to share, family get-togethers, post pictures, etc! Should be fun!

Besides talking about blogging, we have a delicious prime rib dinner with great salad, veggies, potatoes, was very yummy! Lots of desserts! We visited with family, did our white elephant Christmas exchange and ate some more. I always bring my Artichoke Dip which we heated up before the exchange, I went upstairs to get some and it was gone!!! I made a mental note to myself to make a double has become a very popular munchy at family get togethers!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their family and friends this Christmas! Tomorrow we are off to visit my family!




queenbusick said...

WOW .. I never realized that they were really into the beef business! That was totally interesting and very cool to know!

Save some of the prime rib for me!