Monday, June 18, 2007

Cleaning Zone for Week of 6.18.07-Master Bedroom

This weeks cleaning zone for Flylady is the Master Bedroom. I have been working on cleaning out the closet and dressers for the last couple of weeks. Here is where I'm at so far with my clean. Please look over the unmade bed. Sydney had crawled in bed with me this morning after Sean got up for work & I haven't been back upstairs to make the bed.

Kelly's mission for today is:

"Today I want you to spend 15 minutes under your bed!"

Well, I will clean out under my bed today but in addition to that I will box up the clothes that are piled on the hope chest at the end of my bed and clean off my dresser.

FlyLady has also started the Great Closet Clean Out Mission.I already cleaned out my closet. I installed the closet organizer in the middle and added an additional clothing rack. We use to have one on each side with 2 rows of shelves above. The top shelf wasn't reachable! Here is the final result of my closet..... So instead of doing the Great Closet Clean Out Mission....I will be doing the Great Garage Clean Out Mission and get my garage cleaned out & in order.

Check back often to see my progress!

Today I already cleaned out a corner and swept my side of the garage. I don't post any pictures because my garage is such a disaster! Sean and I have been married for 16 years and never had a garage sale to get rid of our clutter so it has piled into the garage and in the attic! Wish me luck and send me encoraging words!