Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday (Remembering Milestones)

I started scrapbooks for my four children, however, after my fourth child was born, time to scrapbook disappeared! I have vowed that since she started school that 1) I am getting my house organized (it's been a year & I'm slowly getting there) and 2) that I would get my scrapbooks updated.

I have taken a slew a pictures both film & digital. I have about 30-40 rolls of film that I need to develop that I will slowly start developing over the next couple of months. And start organizing my digital pictures.

To help me remember the milestone events, I keep a notebook & write down those events so I can journal to my pictures.

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Rebecca said...

I do this too. I got a little journal thing at Wal-Mart for like a buck or two and have been jotting notes down so that when I finally get around to scrapping corresponding photos I have the info handy. When i forget my notebook - yes, it goes in my bag with me wherever we go - I use the notepad function on my cell phone. My hubby laughs at me, but just a little.