Friday, June 29, 2007

40 Before 40-Crossing It Off

Okay...before I know it, my 40th birthday will be upon me & I won't have any of these items crossed off. So here is my plan for the remainder of the summer.

1. Clean and organize garage. I am going to get a good start on that this weekend. Look for some before pictures soon!
2. I have a pedicure scheduled for July 17th! Yeah! I was hoping to get one scheduled next week but they are booked!
3. Start baking through Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook...I guess I don't have to have the mixer yet!
4. Lose 25 pounds before September 1st.
5. Schedule a massage after I get CMSL schedules completed for the Fall season....I will need one!
6. Start working on my household notebook.
7. Start working on our will.

At least that will be 7 items that I can mark off my list!

I need help in figuring out 4 more items to add to my list. Any suggestions?