Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I purchased a Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream, Yogurt & Sorbet Maker was a splurge. I walked past it at Sam's & returned to check it out. My son, Connor was with me & said "Yes, you should buy that!" Now understand, my son, is not that vocal about things like this so I took his advice and purchased this beauty... for only $49.99! It makes 2 quarts of ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet in 25 minutes! Yummy! I brought it home & my three other children went crazy! When are we going to make some ice cream? Well, I don't have any heavy cream and the ice cream recipes call for heavy cream so I am in the process of making Dark Chocolate Sorbet! After the ice cream bowl freezes.

So, after purchasing this little item, I got to thinking about some other items that I am longing for. I have a birthday coming up-nothing special about the number but it's around the corner-July 8. Here is what I am wishing for...

Looks like I like kitchen appliances & gadgets!
What are some things you are wishing for?