Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday (Prayer Journal-Praying for Family)

I have a Prayer Journal that I use each day when I have my quiet time. It's a homemade prayer journal in a 3-ring divider, it has 8 divided sections: Praise (Praise God for Who He is), Confess (Confess & Ask forgiveness) , Request (my prayer requests), Thanksgiving (express thankfulness for all of my blessings-answered prayers), Listen (what is God telling you in his word-I complete this section after reading the Bible-doing a Bible study), the next 3 sections are used for when I'm reading the Bible throughout the year, it's broken up into sections & I write something meaningful down in each of the sections-New Testament , Old Testament & Psalms/Proverbs. I go through each section each day, in the request section is my prayer request list. Each day I pray about something different, for example, on Sunday I pray for our Church Leaders, on Monday I pray for my husband, on Tuesday I pray for my children, etc. This doesn't mean that if on Friday my husband needs prayer for something I don't pray for him because it's not his day....I have my daily prayer and my special prayers. (I hope that makes sense!) In my husband and children section, I have a page for each family member, on that page, I have traced their hand & placed a picture on that page as well. When I pray for that particular family member, I place my hand on their handprint and pray for them. It makes me feel extra connected to them!

That works for me....what works for you? Check out more WFMW ideas @ Rocks In My Dryer!


ellen b. said...

I think the handprint idea is great. Sometimes I'll go to my child's room and put my hand on their door (while they're still sleeping) and pray over them. Blessings.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing how you organize your prayer journal. I really like the handprint and picture idea. :o)

elaine said...

Oh, the handprint idea is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. -e.