Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday (Crossing it Off)

I don't have a specific project to complete for today. My major project is cleaning out & reorganizing my garage which is a month long or more project! My tackle today is a list of things that I need to do today. So my tackle will be crossing off my items off my list as I get them completed! Check back later today and see if I completed them all!

1. Make Beds.

2. Take CSH to Katy Trail to start training for HS Soccer. He will need to run 3 miles in under 21 minutes on a trail and in the heat. I'm going to use this time to walk the trail & get my exercise in for the day!

I ended up walking 2 miles while he ran! Got my exercise in for the day!

3. Pick up down stairs living room.

4. Clean out car.

5. Return some items to Target. Decided to keep the 2 items!

6. Clean off desk.

7. Couple loads of laundry.

8. Dance.

9. Baseball.

10. Soccer.

What are you tackling today?

The FlyLady Mission today in the Master Bedroom is to clean out my drawer of panties, bras & pantyhose. I did that when I cleaned out my closet and dresser. So far this week's zone has been easy!

Great Closet Cleanout is to go through shoes, did that as well. I'm going to go through the shoes in the garage instead!

Got everything done today except clean out my car!!! I also didn't get a chance to go through the shoes in the garage. I will work on that tomorrow!


Diane said...

That's what I need...a list! As my post today indicates...I have an entire house to tackle...maybe a list is just the thing that will keep me focused! Of course, that and stop blog surfing!!! :)

Good luck today!


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Good grief, woman! I'm tired just *reading* your list! LOL And, I thought MY list was full today! Good luck and enjoy your exercise time!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

That's quite a list! :) I need to do that clean out car thing too - but man it's just SOO HOT! :) Good going for you though! :)

jannylynn said...

Just stoping in to say "Hi!" You have a lot to do today. I cleaned up my hutch in the kitchen which is a clutter collector.

Talk to you later! :)

Crystal said...

sounds like a full day - but it looks like you are making great progress:)