Sunday, June 24, 2007

Total Mom Makeover-Week One, Day Two Journal

Checking Your Vision-

Today's chapter was on creating a vision for your life.

What is a vision? There are very distorted ideas of what a vision really is. Is is a daydream? a fantasy? Having a real vision is a powerful tool that can help create the reality you desire.

What is my vision? How do you come up with a clear vision? I see what I would like my spiritual life, my relationship with my husband and children should be and what my home would look like but wonderful if it's realistic! Can I achieve that vision? Of courser I can-I must first visualize the future and begin making adjustments in my life to fit that vision. The clearer that I make my vision, the easier it will be to make it a reality. Hannah Keeley says make it tangible by visualizing with all of your senses. "See it and feel it with such clarity and conviction that you make it your new reality. You mind truly can not tell the difference between what you clearly imagine & what you actually do. What we imagine, we become."

Keeley suggest that I take a moment every day & focus on the clear & tangible vision of the woman I am becoming. -Walk like her, talk like her, speak to your children like her, love your husband like her-she is the new you.

My Vision is:

"I am full of energy. I love the Lord and enjoy daily time reading his word. I eat healthy food that will nourish my body and exercise daily. I flirt with my husband. I nurture my children. I keep an organized and clean home. I enjoy volunteering my time to help out at school, dance & soccer. I am peaceful & serene and live life to the fullest each and everyday."


Household Executive said...

Great vision!