Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two New Toys!

I had a post about 13 Things I Wanted for My Birthday, well, this week I got 2 off that list! My digital camera all of a sudden decided it didn't want to work anymore (I think it might be that I need a new battery-I did some research & the batteries are only good for a couple of years!) so last Thursday I bought a new camera. I wanted a camera that would fit easily in my purse for snap shots. My other digital camera is too bulky & won't fit in my purse. I bought a Nikon Coolpix L12, it a 7.1 mega pixel camera. So far it takes beautiful snap shots. Used it for the first day of school

My second toy is a photo printer. I was standing in line at Office Depot last night & in the clearance section they had a printer marked down for $29.00. The original price was $99.99. It is really cool, I don't need to hook it up to the computer to print pictures. What's also great is that today I actually printed pictures that I took today! Over the last couple of years, they stay on my digital camera and I don't share them with family & friends. This might jump start me to start working on my scrapbooking goal!

My next purchase is going to be a Nikon Digital SLR. I really need something for action shots. This camera has a slight delay & it's good for taking sports or dance pictures. I have one picked out & my next paycheck will go to that purchase!


Ladybug said...

I desperately need a new camera. Ours is on its last leg...

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