Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday (Playing Catch Up!)

I have been rather busy the last couple of weeks & I have let a lot of things pile up around the house & on my desk. Since the end of July, I have been busy scheduling soccer games & getting the CMSL league up & running. We just completed 2 weekends & I have a couple of weekends where we don't have any league games being played because of local tournaments. So no assigning referees or scheduling issues. This week, I have a lot of items that I need to catch up on so my Tackle it Tuesday will be a list of things that I need to get done this week....it would be really great if I could get them done today BUT I do need to leave the house & do a few errands. Here is what needs to be tackled:
1. Put laundry away.
2. Re-organize the boys room.
3. Wash sheets & freshen all linens.
4. Put school paper boxes away-right now they are sitting in my LR in front of the front door...what a welcoming site :-(
5. Return trash can.
6. Go through shoes in basket by door & put in proper bedroom.
7. Clean upstairs bathroom (wow! I can now differentiate between upstairs & downstairs!)
8. Go through cookbooks on sideboard table in kitchen.
9. Prepare my 3 freezer meals for the Freezer Chicks.
10. Enter remaining MYSA registrations.
11. Update referee information on new program.
12. Clean Master Bedroom.
13. Clean GLHs Bedroom.
14. Clean SJHs Bedroom.
15. Take camera to Columbia Photo.
16. Email regarding audio tapes-transfering them to CDs for Christmas.
17. Update calendar for Mom-add soccer games etc.
18. Mop floors.
19. Dust.
20. Start packing up items from garage sale.
21. Clean out car.
Well, this is a start...I have a lot more things that need to be done. I don't want to overwhelm myself even though I have already been there and back!
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Anonymous said...

What a list!! Good luck on accomplishing them... I hope you can cross off almost if not all of them today.

My TT is up: Tackle it Tuesday

peppylady said...

Yesterday I actual did my home cleaning . I thought of doing it Thursday but it pose to get into the 90 again for the day.
My T.T is also up

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

That's a big list. Good luck getting it done! :)

Jenny said...

I am so going to go to bed now...your post completely wore me out! lol!! You are one busy gal...I'm impressed!

Jenny-up the hill

Ladybug said...

That is why I don't make lists...I am overwhelmed just reading yours! LOL