Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17 (Favorite Pictures)

Many of you will remember my Wordless Wednesday post of all of the film that I needed to have process. Well, I sent in 18 rolls of film to Kodak Gallery & have enjoyed looking through the pictures that I had taken. I am posting my 13 favorite pictures from the rolls of film:

1. Brotherly Love-my close friends and family know that CWH & GLH has a love/hate relationship. This picture is a one of a kind picture. It is priceless. I ordered 4 copies of this picture and also cropped it & ordered it in a 5x7 size to display in my home. This is the second day of school (GLHs Kindergarten year & CWHs 3rd grade year). They are in standing in our driveway waiting for the school bus.

2. SJH the Fashion Queen- you just got to love this child's fashion sense. She had just taken a bag of trash to the corner for trash day. She had these purple snow boots that she loved. She would always pick them out when I would ask her to get her shoes on!

3. I want to go to school, too! GLH is pouting a little. I had taken CSH & CWH to their first day of school & she kept telling me that she was big enough to go to school too! She is sitting on the steps in the gym here ignoring the fact that I'm telling her it's time to go home!

4. I got a couple of photos of SJH sleeping in very strange spots & positions. Here she feel asleep in front of the kitchen sink.

5. Here she is sleeping on both the couch & loveseat.

5. Easter morning picture of the four kiddos. The girls were sporting their new pink shades! Dress to the nines!

6. As I was going through the pictures-just about every picture of GLH she is posing! This is her first day of preschool. Don't you just love how she has her foot up! Her foot popped! (from Princess Diaries!)

7. First Day of School playground pictures. This was SJHs first year of school. Big sister showing her the ropes!

8. My 2 Boys-here they are waiting around for us. This picture was taken at the girls recital.

9. Not sure what GLH was up to...but she was stripping off her clothes at a CWHs soccer game. Don't you just love the head of curls!

10. SJHs Luau Birthday Party!

11. CSH and Greatmaw! These pictures are really special!

12. Another great pose!

13. CWHs first soccer game!


Marsha said...

Great idea for a tt. You have a lovely family.

damozel said...

I just love the little one sleeping on the floor like a cat! The everybody-else-goes-off-to-school one made me a little sad, though.

Beautiful kids (though I got a little bit confused with the initials!)

PS. As a typepad user, I'm trying to persuade BLOGGER types to set their comments to allow "other" comments; I can't leave a link here, sadly.

We're at BUCK NAKED POLITICS and writing about differences between British and American political systems.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Even I remember that WW post. What a great bunch of shots here. Aren't you glad you saved these precious memories? Of course you are. Have a great TT. :)

Crystal said...

I love the poses and the sleeping in weird places!

Very cute children. :)

Happy Thursday!