Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My four kids started back-to-school today.

It's a bitter sweet feeling. I am excited that they will be in school each day so I can reclaim & reorganize my space after they have been home for the last 3 months. But we did have a great summer & I will miss hanging out with them each day.

CSH (orange)-started 9th grade this year. He isn't at the High School yet but has spent the last 2 weeks with the high schoolers at soccer practice.

CWH (white)-started Middle School today. He is a 6th grader and was rather excited about his new school and making friends.

GLH (green)-She is in 3rd grade this year. I noticed this morning that she is quite the "Queen Bee" around her school. Everyone was rather excited about seeing her this morning. She loves being with her friends and was excited about school this morning.

SJH (brown)- This is her second year of school. Her last year of Unit A and our last year with Mrs. Steitz. Mrs. Steitz has been our teacher in Unit A with all four kiddos. We will really miss having her as a teacher! Syd didn't want to go to school last year. This year, she was saying the same thing. But this morning, she whispered to me while she was playing on the play ground that she was glad to be back at school!