Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8 (What I'm Not Going to Do Today)

My Thirteen Edition for Today is to list the 13 Things That I am Not Going to Do Today....Why, I'm I not going to do these things? Well, yesterday morning I was involved in 2 separate car accidents. Let me explain...I hit a patch of ice and got my vehicle under control and stopped to turn into the grocery store, the vehicle behind me wasn't able to get her vehicle stopped because of the ice before hitting me. We call 911, a wrecker stopped and said that he would block the traffic with his tow truck to avoid any more altercations. Well, 15 minutes after the first accident, a vehicle didn't yield to the two trock and drove around the truck, hit the ice and rear ended me. I was in the vehicle on the passenger's side getting my insurance card etc ready for the police officer to arrive. I didn't have my seat belt on or sitting in a position to brace myself. I went to the hospital last night because I had a terrible headache and my neck and shoulder was hurting. I have whip lash and I'm really sore this morning. So the 13 things that I'm not going to get done today are:

1. Bible Study

2. Take snacks to the sitters at Bible Study.

3. Lunch with my friends after Bible Study.

4. Laundry-whites.

5. Laundry-Darks.

6. Schedules for Spring soccer...I was planning on working on four brackets..U13 Girls.

7. U11 Boys.

8. U13 Boys.

9. U11/12 Girls.

10. Referees schedule for Futsal for this weekend.

11. Dinner prepared for this evening.

12. Change sheets on beds.

13. Get recitals packets copied.

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The Rock Chick said...

Oh Boy! When it rains, it pours, right. I hadn't had a car accident in 15 years and got into 2 in one day as well. The first one was my fault and about 3 hours later I got rearended by someone at a stop light.
Everything can wait--hope you're feeling better soon!


Sandra said...

Oh man! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lady G~ said...

Two accidents in one day, how terrible! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Thank God it wasn't worse.

booklogged said...

Good grief - what a terrible thing to have happen. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Life will go on without those things being done. Sadly, most will be waiting for tomorrow or the next day, huh?!