Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hickman High School FBLA Winners

District 6 Future Business Leaders of America Conference
February 23, 2009
Jamestown, Missouri

Twenty Hickman students and advisers Jeaniene Thompson and Colleen Goss attended the conference. There are 22 schools in the district. Ten students will represent Hickman High School at the state competition competing in 11 different events; these students' names are indicated by an asterisk. In addition, Hickman won second place in total points. Hickman had the following winners:

Accounting I -1st Place, Kristen Bailey*
Business Calculations - 5th Place, Melissa Green
Business Communications- 1st Place, Ben Hoffman*
Business Ethics (team event)- 3rd Place, Ashlie Anderson-Rice, Connor Hollrah, Brock Loesing
Business Math - 4th Place, Connor Hollrah
Business Procedures - 5th Place, Charlie Chau
Computer Problem Solving - 1st Place, Alan Gatica*
Computer Problem Solving - 3rd Place, Skye Ramseyer
Economics - 2nd Place, Joe Langworthy*
Economics - 5th Place, Josh Jacobi
Electronic Career Portfolio - 1st Place, Erin Chambers*
Entrepreneurship (team event) - 2nd Place, Yohana Ghirmazion, Connor Hollrah, Avy Kea
Global Business (team event) - 1st Place, Kristen Bailey*, Joe Langworthy*, Trey Nelson*
Help Desk (individual event) - 2nd Place, Kyle Bogden
Management Decision Making (team event) - 2nd Place, Grace Cripps, Alan Gatica, Josh Jacobi
Marketing - 4th Place, Trey Nelson
Network Design (team event) - 1st Place, Kyle Bogden*, Josh Boyer*
Networking Concepts - 1st Place, Kyle Bogden*
Personal Finance - 1st Place, Grace Cripps*
Personal Finance - 3rd Place, Gavin Hart
Sports Management - 1st Place, Gavin Hart*
Technology Concepts - 2nd Place, Alan Gatica*
Hickman FBLA Total Points - 2nd Place


EE said...

Good job, Connor!!
Are you ready for soccer? The Slysa league started last weekend. It was cold. I'm a fair-weather soccer parent:)