Tuesday, January 08, 2008

When it Rains.....It Pours

What started off to be a beautiful warm day in January in Missouri turned out to be a rotten, stinky day. Tina and I did our shopping for our second cooking session for the Friendly Freeze. Dropped everything off at the church and was feeling really great. Around 3:15 pm, the Tornado sirens went off! I went into panic mode because my boys were due home from school within 5 to 10 minutes and that meant they were on the school bus! I pick up the phone to call my oldest to see where they were when he called me! They were headed back to the closet school. He wanted me to come and pick up & Collin up! I was a little shocked that he wanted me to get out during a tornado warning to pick him up. He was fine with my firm answer. Needless to say, I got a little freaked out about being home alone during a tornado, most of the time I had one of my kids with me to snuggle up to but not this time. I had to wait out the storm all alone.

We had a nice dinner. Got everything laid out that I needed for tomorrow & headed to bed. Early for a change. I watched the new Challenge with Bruno & Carrie Anne and was getting ready to snuggle down and close my eyes when my husband and boys started yelling at me to come down stairs.....I was worried! Something had happened and I wasn't going to like it!

Well....it's 1:21 AM and since 9:30 PM we have been soaking up water with the wet vac, pulled up carpet because the sewer has backed up into our house. Water was pouring in the the sink in the boys room and we have not been able to stop the water (or sewer) from coming in! We called the sewer company and they are working on the problem. Because of all of the rain the manhole has flooded and our house got to be the lucky one that got the overflow!

I am going to get some new carpet out of this! What a way to start the new year!


Household Executive said...

At least you will get rewarded with new carpet out of all of the frustration!

Shannon said...

Ugh! Yuck! Dale and Charlotte had the sewer back up into their washing Machine and all over their basement last week. Not fun! But new carpet? That may be worth it. Did you tell Connor what Mom always told us about tornados and her not ever coming to get us when we were safe?
Love you!

EE said...

Oh, how terrible!
I hate it when the kids are at school during tornado warnings.
glad you can see the positive (new carpet)in such a sucky situation:)