Friday, January 04, 2008


Last year, I was so focused at the beginning of the year to blog about all of the resolutions and changes that I wanted to fulfill for the New Year. I started off pretty good, got several closets organized, started working out at least 3 times a week and then I was in a minor car accident which got me off track. I don't think I ever got back on the New Year's Resolution track after that accident. School started and I thought, this would be an excellent time to start working on the changes that I had set out to make at the beginning of the year. I started reorganizing the areas of the house that need touching up and did well the first month but once again, life took over and I am no where farther than I was on Dec 31, 2006!

As the New Year approached, I was thinking, once again, about what resolutions I would make for 2008 and decided that I was not going to make any resolutions for the year but take each month, one month at a time and try to incorporate one new habit. I would also spend time each day reflecting on 2007, the previous day, the previous week, or month and look for little changes that would have a greater impact on my life. For January 2008, my new habit is to have quiet time each day with God, to reflect and mediate. So far I have had some sort of quiet time for 4 days running! It always isn't the same time of the day but I am a least getting my quiet time in. Yesterday was right before I went to bed. Ideally, I would like to start each day with my quiet time but right now, I am happy to get some time with God each day.

I started reading Beth Moore's blog and I am going to quote what she said about new starts and resolutions:

"I told God this morning how thankful I was for His penchant for new beginnings. Just think about it. He's the one who came up with New Years so we could have an annual new start. But we don't have to wait that long. He also came up with 12 different months, 4 seasons, and 7-day increments we call weeks. But we don't even have to wait that long. Every single evening the sun goes down and calls it a day then greets us the very next morning with a whole new start. Let's face it. Sometimes a day's so tanked, it just needs to end. Aren't you glad a bad day always does? But, then again, we don't even have to wait till morning. Because of Christ, we can have a new beginning any old time."

I just loved that! I know that with God, anytime is a new beginning. I don't need a New Year, a new month or even a new day to start a beginning!

Here's to new beginnings! Happy New Year!


Household Executive said...

I like the month by month idea! Posting your goal/habit for the month helps you reach that goal by double! Taping it to your mirror or in your car is a great place!

Anonymous said...

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KK said...

Great idea. It is exciting to see what everyone has planned for the upcoming year.

EE said...

That's a great idea. I may have to do this myself!