Friday, February 01, 2008

What Have I Been Up Too Lately?

It's been a while since I have blogged and you my be asking yourself....what has that woman been up to? Life has been very busy lately! I don't think I have caught a breath since the first of December! Many of you know that my good friend, Tina, and I have started a new business....check it out! Since we launched our business, I have been running on fumes! Here's a small list of what I have been up too.....

1. Cooking (3 sessions)

2. Delivering (3 sessions)

3. Stoning dance costumes

4. Sick kids-CWH, GLH and SJH (and me) have all had some sort of a strep throat fever just a really sore throat that last for 2 weeks with aching muscles in your neck and back.

5. Trying to keep up with the laundry-that's been a little dificult since the motor went out in our washing machine last week (Wed). We are pretty sure that the water damange from the sewer back up got the motor wet & that's why it's broke.

6. Futsal-scheduling and supervising games with hubby.

7. Indoor Soccer tournament in KC. Drove back and forth on Sat and Sun because CSH had cotillion Saturday evening.

8. Stayed in Sedalia for a jewerly party, which many of you will be invited to mine & Tina's party on March 15th---check out the jewerly! I attended the party and provided 2 dinners from The Friendly Freezer to help launch our business in Sedalia.

9. Working on recital packets.

10. Heading a committe for Futsal for MYSA.

11. Riding in the car with my son who recently got his driver's permit! That has been an experience. Really not too bad! Just a little nerve wrecking but we have been having fun!

12. Starting to work on Spring soccer for CMSL.


KK said...

I love your posts! I never feel quite so busy after reading them haha. Girl you need a massage day!

EE said...

You are definitely one busy girl!!