Saturday, December 01, 2007

What's in Your Freezer?

I know what's in mine! A freezer full of quick and simple meals for my family! I'm in a freezer co-op called The Freezer Chicks and we prepare 3 meal (5 times) for each family in the co-op & we meet once a month to exchange our frozen goodies and plan the next months meal. It works great for our family-I have 15 meals each month to serve my family! It saves me a lot of time & money each month on food. My typical grocery bill was running me close to $200.00 a week, plus $200.00 a month buying food from Schwans, PLUS the times we ate out because that was quicker than running home and trying to prepare a meal that I had bought on the ingredients for etc! Most of the meals that I have in my freezer can be defrosted really quickly in the microwave (if I forgot to set it out to thaw that morning!) and on the table in less than 30 minutes! My grocery bill, including eating out, is now down to about $600.00-I have saved closed to $400 to 600 a month using wants in my freezer to feed my family!

So why I am blogging about my freezer...well my friend Tina (Notes from the Queen) and I have started a new business based on this concept! We are preparing freezer meal for your family. Our website (blog) is up & running-it's still needs a little work-the header is too big, etc. etc but the main concept, meal choices, price list etc is up on the website for you to order from. We already have clients-we delivered meals to 2 families this week! Come check it out & see if we can help you get dinner on the table to your family each evening. We have lots of ideas that we will be implementing and adding each month:
1. A monthly newsletter.
2. Cash & carry meals-just in case you need something quick for the evening and your freezer is empty.
3. Meal cards-ideas of what to serve with the entrees.
4. Tasting events-where a client hosts and evening or afternoon at their home and we bring in same sample entrees for your friends to try & take orders.
5. Customer appreciation card.
6. We are currently working on getting the nutritional value of the meals that we prepare.

Etc. Etc. We do prepare the meals in a commerical kitchen to meet the Health and Safety Guidelines. Each month we have will have a list of meals that we prepare for your family. The monthly menu features the following groups of foods:
1. Monthly entrees-in season meals.
2. Fast meals-quick simple, on the table in less than 30 minutes.
3. Family favorites-tested by our families and the most requested!
4. Figure friendly-meals that are low in fat.
5. Crowd pleasers-enough to serve 12 people.
6. Soups, stews, stoups & chili.
7. Desserts

We are working on a "catalog." We would also love the challenge of preparing dinners that are your family's favorite by submitting a recipe to us & letting us prepare it for your freezer!

All of your meals will come to you frozen & ready for your freezer.

If you are interested in ordering from us or would like to check it out. Come visit us at The Friendly Freezer!

If you want to place an order give us a call (the phone numbers are on the website) or email us your order at We are currently taking orders. Order by Dec 14th for delivery on Dec 19th-21st. Just in time for the holidays!

So....what's in YOUR freezer? Hopefully, you will do yourself a flavor & order some magnificent meals from the Friendly Freezer!


EE said...

Bagel Bites, Pizza Rolls, Smart Ones
This is an awesome idea! Good luck!