Monday, November 26, 2007

Accountability (Week of 11-26-2007)

Okay blogger buddies! You all have just become my accountability partners! I have an list of things that I need to get accomplished over the next couple of weeks before I have to start working on soccer items again and I get more accomplished when I blog about it! Cheer me on, congratulate me for getting so much accomplished in a short amount of time, etc etc! Here goes....

1. Tapes converted to CDs for my grandma. -Called Troy to set up appointment for this week.
2. Call hotel in St Charles for Starpower. Emailed phone number to competion dancers.
3. Send in gym request to Columbia Public Schools.
4. Call Stephen's College-re: gym.
5. Finish menu for business.
6. Take back item's to Home Depot-exchange them. Need to go again b/c the facuet still doesn't fit!
7. Clothes put away in Sydney's room.
8. Go through Sydney's sock drawer.
9. Email Board of Director's about bonuses and purchase of new fax machine.
10. Get out Christmas decorations.
11. Mail out Christmas cards. Addressed cards to my family. Need to address them for friends and mail them out. ****This was one of my 40 Before 40 items that I wanted to complete before I turned 40! Yeah! I get t cross another one off that list! I hadn't sent out Christmas Cards since I was pregnant with Gracie-she is now 8 years old! Everyone will be rather surprised!
12. Paint kitchen.
13. Put garage sales items away in garage on my side-so I can park in the garage again.
14. Clean out car.
15. Pick up recycled cartridges and check.
16. Get to the gym at least 3 times this week.
17. Mail out referee checks that I still have on my desk.
18. ??

I think that is it for know....I'm sure as the week goes on I will add to the list!


EE said...

Good luck with these!!!