Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday (Sydney's Bedroom)

I'm embarrassed to upload a before picture of my daughter's room .....so I won't and upload the after when I get it finished. For some reason, Sydney's room becomes a drop off/hide it room for Gracie & Sydney's folded clothes, etc. There is no reason for this because I have plenty of room in their closets and drawers to put away their clothes. I am just a little lazy, I guess!

My tackle for today is to put all of the clothes away properly, clean out her sock drawer and her dance drawer. I will post the after pictures when I have it completed!

Okay....I didn't get this project quite done. I have about half of it done. Something came up & I didn't get it completed before I had to leave for dance.

I did get my Christmas decorations put on the tree however...I will upload those pictures with the Tackle It Tuesday final project!