Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday 1.5.10 Edition

Happy New Year! New Year's Resolutions and Tackle it Tuesday's go hand in hand! LOVE IT! I love Tackle it Tuesday....when I first started blogging, I looked forward to Tackle it Tuesday's because each week I tackled a project from start to finish and loved posting my before & after pictures! The great thing about life, a household with 6 people 4 of them being kids...there is always a project that needs tackling! One of my major goals for 2010 is to focus on family and friends and having a house that is organized and well ran is a must for this goal! I am also focusing on my daily routines (which I posted yesterday) so during my work time on Tuesday's, I will be posting a project/task that needs tackling!

For the first TIT of the New Year....I have lots to choose from....however, a good portion of my day needs to be focused on CMSL and the Futsal schedule, however, I have a bunch of little fires that need putting out today so those will be what I am focusing on:

1. Hallway: We refinished (painted) the dressers drawers in both Gracie & Sydney's room this weekend. Everything got put back in it's place in Sydney's room but Gracie's drawers weren't dry yet so everything is still in the hallway in boxes. I need to either move the boxes back into her room so they are out of the way or get them emptied today!

2. Living Room: For some reason, Collin thinks he can drop his dirty clothes any where he wishes and the cleaning fairy will pick them up! Well, in front of the chair are his dirty clothes and some other piles of stuff that no one ever picks up...today the "trash fairy" may pick everything up!

3. Kitchen: it's a mess!Dishes need to be done, trash needs to be taken out and dining room table needs to be cleaned off...end of story!

4. Making Beds in all Bedrooms

5. Entry Way (this will be cleaned up once the girls head off to school!)


Tracey said...

Looks like you have plenty to tackle!! :) I forced myself to do some straightening up before I sat down at the computer this morning; soon, I'm off to do laundry and iron!

Foster Mamalion said...

I found your blog on pinterest for your cooking gals. I have one as well, but it is totally different. I SO love to find ones that are different from ours. I learn lots of things. I am enjoying looking through your recipes. I just started a post on what doesn't freeze well since I find SO many other freezer groups that freeze those things. Glad I found yours. It was written better than mine. I'm scratching mine for now! :) Alos love that your blog has REAL pictures. I don't like ones with pics of something else a PERFECT house....surely it can't be that way with kids. Thanks for being real and for sharing!