Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year...Better Routine

Each new start to a new beginning-whether it be a new year, new school year, new season, etc.-I always vow that I am getting to get into a better routine & stick to it! Let's see is 2010 has some magic power & I will stick with my routine! My routine is still the same one that I established several years ago, when I stick to it-it works! Life takes over & I fall out of routine...maybe I have too many routines? I have a daily routine and a weekly routine-I try to be flexible when things need to be done that fall out of my routine, so what goes wrong? Laziness or life? Well here goes to a new year and a new routine!

Daily Routine:

6:30/7:00 am: Wake-Shower-Dress-Take Meds

7:00 am: Breakfast-Wake Girls

7:30 am: Quiet Time

8:15 am: Check emails

8:30 am: Workout (M, T, W & F)

10:00 am: WORK-CMSL, Friendly Freezer, etc

11:30/12:00 pm: Lunch

12:30 pm: Housework

1:45 pm: Rest

2:15 pm: Start Planning evening routines: snacks for dance, dance, soccer, basketball, etc.


Menu Plan for Week

Week in View-Email schedule/calendar to Sean

Laundry-Towels & Sheets

Referee Schedule (during soccer season)

Unpack/Organize Bedrooms from weekend activities




Run Sweeper


Sweep kitchen/bathroom

Mop Floors


Cooking Day-for either Friendly Freezer/Take 2/Faith Connections, etc



Take 2 Day

Lunch with Girlfriends


Clean Bathrooms


Grocery Store

Run Sweeper

Sweep Kitchen Floors

Laundry-whatever needs washing

Get packed & ready for the weekend