Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday-8.25.2009

I haven't done a Tackle it Tuesday in quite sometime now...so here goes...figure this would be a good route to get started on my new school year routines and goals...to start with a TIT blog posting (since one of my goals is to blog daily!).

Today, I have a couple of items that need tackling today....

1. Freezer Chicks Cooking for Meal Exchange - we exchange this evening and I haven't started cooking yet! I have 3 meals to make times 6! Why do I wait until the last minute to do these things???? Why!!!!

2. Set goals and routines for the next month. I am going to tackle one month at a time because my life seems to change by the week!

3. Three loads of laundry...my laundry is so far behind!


Shawnee said...

I'm in a supper swapping group, too, and I frequently am rushing right before our swap to assemble meals! Horrible!! =)

I'm also a Menu Plan Monday follower.

Cute blog!