Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Setting Routines

Hi's been a while since I have posted! Life has been crazy with soccer, dance-competition and recital preparations, and my business!

I am settling into the spring season and wanted to share with you my new daily routines:

Monday: (Soccer Day)

Quiet Time
Work Out
Pick up from the weekend-wash uniforms, resort dance bags, etc.
Plan weekly menu
Assign Referees for CMSL
Every other Monday, conference call with the MasterMoms group on parenting.
Shop if cooking on Tuesday for the Friendly Freezer
Collin-soccer practice

Tuesday: (Cook Day or Catch Up Day)

Quiet Time
Work Out if not cooking (every other Tuesday Tina and I cook for our business)
Catch up on laundry, errands, Bible Study, or soccer responsibilities if not a cooking day.
Laundry, if not a cooking day-wash a load of whites and/or darks
Pick up girls for Dance after school
Connor-soccer practice

Wednesday: (Soccer Day)

Quiet Time
Work out
Laundry: Wash towels & change sheets
I work every other Wednesday until recital at the studio.
Collin-soccer practice
Connor-soccer practice


Take 2
Lunch with the ladies (Mindi, Kim, Margie and other T2 Ladies)
After lunch-check emails, do a load of laundry, set out dinner, get dance bag ready
Pick up girls for Dance after school
Work at the Academy (I work every Thursday)
Connor-soccer practice

Friday: (Soccer Day)

Quiet Time
Work out
Get everything ready for the weekend-soccer games, tournaments, dance competition, etc.


EE said...

I'm impressed. I'd be discouraged after screwing up the first day.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Laura Joseph said...

I was wondering where your blogging time fit into your schedule? :)