Tuesday, September 18, 2007

40-before-40 Revisited

Every once in a while I need to revisit my list & make a plan to accomplish the list! Better get to work....I only have a few crossed off!

1. Clean/Organize Garage Starting this weekend (June 30/July 1)
2. Clean/Organize Attic
3. Lose 50 pounds---75 would be better but 50 would be great! (I have lost 8 pounds so far!) Will lose 25 pounds by September 1st. DID NOT DO :-(
4. Read the Chronicles of Narnia with my kids. (reading on my own first-finished the first book)5. Bake through Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. Need to purchase a KitchenAid first for all that mixing...I've been hinting... working on..
6. Knit a blanket for each of my kids.
7. Renew my wedding vows.
8. Read the Bible completely. (started reading each day)
9. Purchase "1001 Books to Read Before I Die" and read one book a month.
10. Catch up on my scrapbooks. Starting on Friday!
11. Give up Diet Dr Pepper (this will be a really hard one, I have been drinking Dr Pepper since I can remember!Maybe just for a day...like the day I turn 40!) Better yet, add more water to diet!
12. Make a quilt.
13. Take Networking at church..discover my God given talents. (Registered for Networking-class starts Jan 21-23)
14. Burn all my home VHS onto DVDs. Purchased a program for my computer & will start working on this next week!
15. Rip CDs I don't listen to often and sell them.
16. Go to a spa for a massage.
17. Get a pedicure. Update-have one scheduled for July 17th!
18. Take a cooking class.
19. Read everything I haven't read yet on my bookshelf.
20. Watch all five Best Picture nominees prior to the Oscars.
21. Get a will (mostly for if something happens to both S & I-details for Mom & Dad re: the kids) Have mine done...need to get Sean's completed & have SIL file.
22. Learn cake decorating. Looked into classes but need to wait until Fall.
23. Plant a herb garden to be used all year long.
24. Try yoga.
25. Try pilates.
26. Incorporate a regular date night with hubby. (I thinking every other Friday or Saturday evening.)
27. Visit NY and go to a Broadway musical or play. (would like to see Wicked)
28. Make a household inventory notebook including pictures, serial numbers, etc for insurance purposes. Purchased notebook 6/29/07. Started working on inventory with kitchen.
29. Get finances in order and everything paid off.
30. Take family to Disney World.
31. Send out Christmas Cards (I haven't sent out cards since I was pregnant with my 3rd child!)32. Clean out car-keep it clean for an entire month-figure this would help me set a habit.
33. Take a second honeymoon with hubby.
34. Take family on a ski trip to Steamboat.
35. Go ice skating with my family.
36. Drink Milk. Plain, Chocolate or Strawberry flavored. (at least one for that day-this one is for my son-I do not like milk &; don't drink milk & he thought that it would be a good one to add to my list!)
37. See "Gone with the Wind."
38. Take Tennis Lessons.

Tackle It Tuesday (Things I Need to Do Today)

I am doing a boring TIT...I'm posting my to-do list:

1. Hair appointment
2. Referee payroll
3. Box up Recycle Fundraiser items
4. Take to UPS
5. Email Secretary @ school with Teacher's Appreciation Committee for blurb in newsletter
6. Bible Study
7. Pick up girls-take to dance
8. Pick up ALL laundry & put away
9. Start working on referee schedule for this weekend

It doesn't look like much & most of it our things that will be easy to cross off my list BUT they need to get done! AND I need to see some progress today!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Plan Menu (Week of 9-17)

I'm back in my grove and routine! We are busier than ever and would be lost without...or shall I say puttering around without my Menu plans or the Freezer Chicks! We had freezer exchange last Wednesday & I got 2 months worth of food! My freezer is full therefore, my families' belly will be full :-)

What are we having this week?

Monday (Soccer): Stromboli

Tuesday (Dance): BBQ Fillets, Baked Potatoes, Peas, & Salad

Wednesday (Soccer): Sesame Chicken w/ Garlicky Broccoli, Salad & Bread

Thursday (Dance & Soccer Game): Grandma's Secret, Salad & Bread

Friday (Football game-cousin is playing): White Castle Burgers, Chips & Salad

Saturday (Soccer): Eat out-games are at 5:15 & & 7:00 pm

Sunday: Party in Sedalia for my Dad's 60th Birthday....it's a surprise. His birthday was in June & we are surprising him on Sunday.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday (Clean Up the Mess!)

Today I am doing a typical clean up! My kitchen table, front door area & living room have become the drop off point for everything! Everything must go to it's proper place today:

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18 (Thoughts about Today)

Where has the week gone? I can't believe it's already Thursday! Today's TT is random thoughts about today:
1. It was a short week BUT too many things on the calendar & to-do list! I still can't believe it's Thursday already.
2. Kick off today at Woodcrest for Take 2. I am excited about seeing friends and reconnecting with God today. I have NO clue what classes are being offered this semester so I am going in with an open mind and heart to where God will lead me today.
3. Lunch with friends! Yeah! Wonder where will we eat today?
4. Run some quick errands after lunch.
5. Make some phone calls regarding indoor soccer.
6. Get Connor's soccer gear, pick him up after school. Take him to meet the bus for his game this evening in Smithton.
7. Print MYSA cards.
8. Get video camera ready for Sean so he can video tape the game this evening. I am working and will not be able to go.
9. Pack girls dance bags, snacks for dance this evening.
10. Get fundraiser box & car wash $.
11. Pick up Rebekah.
12. Pick up girls from school.
13. Work at dance this evening. Take Collin (plus soccer gear)- a teammate is taking him to soccer this evening.
That's what I need to get done today. I still have a few more things that I need to do when we get home from dance this evening....type Connor's English assignment (he won't be home until late from his soccer game) and enter a couple of team's registrations for their MYSA cards/roster.
Whew...I'm tired already!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday (Sitting Routines & a Few Other Loose Ends)

Today officially starts the beginning of my school routine. I realize that school started a couple of weeks ago BUT it took me that long to get the house back in order! Yesterday while driving to Sedalia, I thought about what I wanted to get accomplished this school year and I realized that I wasn't going to get these goals accomplished without sitting a daily routine for the school year! This morning during my quiet time, I developed my daily routine:


5:45-6:00 am-Wake, shower & dress

6:30 am-Quiet Time

7:15-7:30 am-Wake the girls (Boys get up around 6:15 & are on the bus by 6:40 am)

7:30-8:30 am-While the girls are getting ready for school, empty dishwasher, put a load of laundry in, make beds, check email.

8:30 am -10:00 am-Head to gym-work out.

10:15 am-10:30 am-Take quick shower & dress for the day.

10:30 am to 12:00 pm-Work (CMSL)

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm-Eat lunch/Take break.

1:00 pm-4:00 pm-Housework, CMSL (if need), start dinner plans, etc.

4:00 pm-Start evening routine (recheck calendar) Every other Wednesday, work at the Academy from 4:00 to 8:00 pm.

5:00 pm-Start Dinner

7:00 pm-TV off/Homework time with kids. Every other Wednesday, attend Community Live @ Church.

Tuesday and Thursday: On Tuesday morning, the morning routine will be the same as M/W/F. At 12:30, I will be attending the Tuesday Bible study group. We will be studying a book by Joyce Meyer call "Battlefield of the Mind." The study will continue until November 13.

On Tuesday after the study, I will be picking up the girls and taking them to dance. They have dance from 4:30 to 8:15 pm. The evening routine will be the same as my M/W/F unless Connor has a soccer game.

On Thursday mornings, I will be attending, Take 2. A bible study at my church. Not sure what I'm taking yet. Our first meeting is this Thursday. Bible study is from 9:15 am to 11:15 am. After Bible study, a group of us usually go out for lunch. I really cherish this time, it's a great time for me to reconnect with a group of women & talk!

Thursday afternoon: We usually are done by 1:00 pm. I'm planning on using this afternoon to run errands-grocery store, etc.

On Thursday's, the girls have dance from 4:30 until 7:30 pm and I work the front desk on Thursday's as well.

With my daily routines in mind, here are my evening dinner plans:



Wednesday-Quick & easy meal for Community Live night & crockpot meal for work night.

Thursday-Crockpot dinner.

Friday-Family fun night-eat out, pizza, etc.

What are we having this week?


Tuesday-We will be eating dinner early (around 4 pm). Connor has a game in Smithton at 7:30 pm & we will be leaving town around 5:00 pm. We are having Garlicky Spaghetti & Chicken Tenders. I'm sure that Connor will eat again after his game. The rest of the family can eat when they get home.

Wednesday-Chili Pork Chops, Steamed Veggies & Salad.

Thursday-Something in the crockpot-not sure yet.

Friday-We will be eating out, if Connor plays on Friday evening in Smithton.

Last tackle it project....tying up loose ends or things that I need to do today (or this week will work too!) still!

1. Finish entering MYSA registrations. Mail them out this evening.

2. Get dance bags ready for girls.

3. Finish cleaning girls room.

4. Finish packing up garage sale items in garage.

5. Call library to make donation of garage sale books.

6. Set up meeting to get tapes transferred to CDs.

7. Freezer Chick meals done.

8. AFA blog.

Okay...I think I'm done! What are you tackling?